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Getting it down on `paper`

Bind Play/Pause to Audacious in Ubuntu 12.04

The players:

  • Ubuntu precise (12.04.1 LTS)
  • Microsoft Wired keyboard 600
  • Audacious 3.2.1 (Ubuntu package)
  1. Disable existing keyboard shortcut for Play and Pause
    1. System Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Sound and Media
    2. Click and hold “Play (or play/pause)” and press backspace.
    3. Click and hold “Pause playback” and press backspace.
  2. Create custom keyboard shortcut to map play/pause to audacious’s pause.
    1. System Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Custom Shortcuts
    2. Click “+” to add new shortcut.
    3. Name = “Play/Pause” Command = “/usr/bin/audacious -u”
    4. Click the new entry toward the right edge to toggle “New accelerator”
    5. Press the Play/Pause key on your keyboard.
  3. Done!

Bonus: Remove Rhythmbox from the audio menu



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