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Getting it down on `paper`

Create a Land Mask with ESA GlobCover

The European Space Agency has produced a colorized land cover map. We can use this map to produce a land mask for our own purposes.

Obtain the high-resolution world map


Extract a subset of the world that we’re interested in.

gdalwarp -te -130.36 30.25 -115.805565 49.99204 -t_srs EPSG:4326 \
  GLOBCOVER_L4_200901_200912_V2.3.color.tif USWC.EPSG4326.tif

Make land white and water black. Also resize to something more manageable.

convert USWC.EPSG4326.tif -fill white +opaque 'rgb(0,70,200)' \
  -fill 'rgb(48,48,48)' -opaque 'rgb(0,70,200)' -resize x734  USWC.EPSG4326.png

ESA GlobCover Portal



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