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Getting it down on `paper`

Ubuntu 12.04, Triple Display, AMD FirePro 2460

What you’ll need:
* 1x AMD FirePro 2460
* 2x Asus 22″ 16:9 monitors
* 1x Apple 20″ Cinema Display monitor

Connect all monitors using DVI cables and Mini-DisplayPort to DVI adapters. Do not connect the Asus monitors using Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI cables. This will cause each monitor to use a separate clock and limit the number of displays.

It appears that the AMD FirePro 2460 only supports 2 separate timing clocks, which means that we can only power 2 different types of monitor. Using the Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI cables to connec the Asus monitors utilizes both available clocks; however, using Mini-DisplayPort to DVI adapters and then using DVI cables works off one clock. This allows us to drive the Apple Cinema Display with the r
emaining clock.

Ubuntu 12.04 Setup:
With all monitors connected and powered on, turn on the computer. All monitors should display the same cloned image. If not, attempt to switch video input mode. On the Asus monitors, the button to switch input modes is the second from the right. Press this once to display the current mode, and then quickly again to switch modes. You should be on DVI mode.

When all monitors are on, enter the AMD Catalyst Control Center (amdcccle) in administrative mode (sudo). From the “Display Manager” section, your three monitors should be enumerated. If not, you probably don’t have all 3 monitors turned on. For each monitor, select the “Multi-Display” tab, and select “Multi-Display desktop with display(s) XYZ” where XYZ is variable, depending on the order you enable the monitors. Repeat for each monitor. Click apply. OK, OK, then restart the machine. When the machine restarts, you may need to edit Ubuntu’s System Settings -> Displays and turn “Mirror displays” off. You may now arrange your monitors however you like.



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