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Getting it down on `paper`

Humans and Comptuer vs. Their Counterparts

If humans learn by from their mistakes, then shouldn’t computers learn in the same manner? The world’s knowledge base as increased as humans gain critical insights from their failings, which are often against other human beings. It would seem logical then, that in order to accelerate the rate of knowledge attainment, we should pit computer against computer. We’ve already used humans long enough to teach computers how to think. We’ve given ourselves computer languages (C/++, Assembly, Scheme) and learning paradigms (neural networks and those of a statistical basis). How about now, we start letting the computers play. The next language shouldn’t be about humans programming computers, but about computers programming computers. When an “incident” occurs, the computer should take alternate action. Let the human dictate what that alternative might be, and then, eventually, let the computer decide what to do. Of course, we’re a few languages away from the singularity, but I believe that it is time to let the computers dictate the next action. They’ve done an good job at predicting the next result for some time now. Let the computers postulate!



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