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Getting it down on `paper`

New Direction for a New Year

Well, another year has passed, and it seems that this blog is going nowhere. I’ve done a lot of reading, and completed a few Stanford online courses. What does this blog have to show for it? Not much. That is why, I’m planning on “spamming” this site with a lot more noise. I began this site not knowing how to present its contents, and so I’ve held a lot back. I could have been posting ideas, algorithms, sketches, and other forms of intermittent, incomplete thought processes, but I wasn’t sure how that would be received.

This year, I’m going with the spaghetti approach. Throw everything up there and see what sticks. This might not be the most, how do you say, entrepreneurial or strategic or organized approach. I’m no King Midas or Michael Arrington. I need to just start getting my thoughts out there, letting the tides of the internet gently guide me from continent to continent. Too many metaphors?

So how’s this going to work?

Long pieces: There may be essays with horrible grammar and spelling errors. I don’t really care too much, as these aren’t meant to be graded.
Short pieces: From unlabeled code snippets to sentence fragments conveying incomplete thoughts, you’ll probably start seeing a lot more of them.
Categories: These guys are gonna get completely revamped. I don’t know how, or when. Anyone have a good organizational system? Yea, that was never my strong suite. I wrote file system search engines from ’99-’03 for this very reason.
Comments: I want to disable comments due the immense amount of spam that a wordpress blog attracts. I’m also considering Disqus or the “social” integration. I’m leaning against platform-specific social in favor of Disqus.
Templates: Given that my organizational skills are somewhat lacking, I won’t be migrating to a wiki. I’ve tried that route and I end up tangled in spider webs. There are quite a few wikis that are simple enough and bloggish enough to appease my inner-coder, but… my inability to organize is a hereditary issue that I’ve learned to work around. Stacks of paper, books, bills, notes, etc. are all organized in their own way that would drive a accountant mad. The blog shall remain a blog. I’ve considered a hybrid micro-blog structure and decided that there’s really no point. I could use the …more… tag to divide twitter-sized thoughts from the long-form if I so choose.

So, wish me luck!
2012 FTW



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