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Getting it down on `paper`

On Negativity

Why should we avoid negativity? Negativity comes from some place; can you identify it? It comes from failure. Those who have failed, have nothing but bad news to spout. Those who have succeeded aren’t going to be the ones that complain about all the hard work they put in. If you’re going to win, you must be prepared for the battle. You should know that going in. Those who have won know the struggle. They may have suffered greatly. They may know how difficult and risky their journey was. Will they be the detractors? Probably not. They share your passion. They sought out the path that you want to take. They will have great advice and words of caution, but they won’t be the source of negativity.

The negative energy comes from failure. Those who have failed and given up are discouraged and want to share their failure with as many people as possible. Nobody wants to be the only loser. Misery loves company. Avoid this trap.



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