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Getting it down on `paper`

Notes from: Chase Jarvis with Ramit Sethi

8:01 AM 12/13/2011
Chase Jarvis

I am the only [programmer] that ________.

Finding your identity: Think of what _________ looks like.

Don’t be influenced by the world; seek what you want to see.

Showcase yourself prominently. Thumbnail your paid work in the closer.

For what I do, I can deliver extraordinary results.
— What can I say this about?

Who are you, and what are you not?

Don’t be a commodity, be the vision.

Make them revere you before providing something for a discount.

* List what you’ve done.
* Ask for advise and specific goals.
* Do it.
* Research going rates on glassceiling, salary..
* Go back and review the work you’ve done.
* “I’d like to discuss a number that’s fair for both of us.”

ASK: What’s the budget?
– Revise down if the budget isn’t big enough.
– Your price quote should cover every detail,
and as the price comes down, begin to
subtract details to match the quote.
– When asking for testimonials, provide guidance.



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