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Getting it down on `paper`

Root an HTC Desire to Get More Space for Apps

Rooted my android — HTC Desire (CDMA)!

At time of rooting, the specs were:

BravoC DVT2 Ship S-on
Touch Panel-Synt0101
Dec 22, 2010, 16:16:39

Abridged Instructions:

  1. Download/Install HTCDriver3.0.0.007 (AKA Fastboot drivers)
  2. Download/Apply revolutionary-0.3pre7 (Boot/Recovery loader)
  3. Download/Apply su- (root)
  4. … ClockworkMod backup!! (protect your original OEM install)
  5. ClockworkMod to wipe data/cache (now wipe it clean)
  6. ClockworkMod to create/format 512MB sd-ext partition (add partition for apps)
  7. Download/Apply CyanogenMod 7 – update-cm-7.0.3-BravoC-signed (the ROM for your device)
  8. Android Market > S2E > configure (check all) > reboot (Use sd-ext thoroughly: more apps, long reboot)
  9. Android Market madness! (download away!)
  10. Software configuration madness… (configure before backup snapshot)
  11. … ClockworkMod backup!!! (make backup of customized OS)
  12. AWESOME (do dangerous things, knowing you have a backup!)

Learning curve: 7 hours of pain + 2 hours of tinkering + 2 hours of diligent due process, 30 minutes of documentation.

Unlock device, install boot loader, root:

Choose your mod (not very many for CDMA):

Force use of newly created sd card ext partition (get lots of app space):

*Background info re. the apps data partition/A2SD conundrum:



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