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Linux Mint: Broken

Here’s a nice little note to all you aspiring Linux n00bs: Avoid Linux Mint.

I tried out linuxmint-11-gnome-cd-nocodecs-32bit and linuxmint-xfce-201104-dvd-32bit today, and was not impressed.  Ok, I was actually impressed once I got it to run, but only before the launcher crashed and asked to be restarted.  And then it was all down hill.  I couldn’t even get the installer to run the first time around.  I tried again with the Xfce DVD version.  This installer ran just fine, but then 800 updates required (ok, no biggie, very common).  I click to apply updates, but then I’m confronted with a package dependency error, and told to resolve dependencies first.  Next, I try to install just one thing at a time.  First up: the mint-welcome package. Does that install? Click -> Apply -> ok.  Looks like it was fine.  Next up, some other mint package, I don’t recall.  Anyway, this one caused the updater to crash.  Reboot, try again, crash again.  You know what? I don’t have all day.

Let’s try out the internet… open firefox, head to youtube for the obligatory flash test.  Video starts playing… it’s an ad.  Well, about 4 seconds before the ad finishes, the video freezes.  Page refresh: Replay the ad, and that 4 second video freeze problem again.  Ok, that means that flash support is buggy.  Well, remember how I can’t update anything with the updater software? That means I’m stuck.  I don’t feel like wading through individual packages to get this thing working.  I want a Minty out-of-box experience.  What I got was roach infested.

LSS (Long-Story-Short), save yourself the effort, just go xubuntu (for the xfce type).



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