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Deck Legend – Fire

If ever there was a keyboard that I wanted, this is it (USB version of course), the Deck Legend (red backlight — they call it FIRE).

At just $149, it’s a steal! … ok, that’s exactly why I’m writing about it and not typing with it. Ah me, if only this weren’t a laptop.

Deck Legend (Fire) {Deck 105}

So why the `fire` version? Considering its purpose as a back-light, the only time you’ll need a back-lighted keyboard is when it’s dark. Now, the white back-light (Ice) is too bright for night time. The blue back-light (Frost) is the color that your eyes are most sensitive to. (See the Wikipedia page: Color vision – Cone cells in the human eye). The green back-light (Toxic) is similarly sensitive to the eyes. This leaves red (Fire), and that’s just fine, because it looks wicked and spooky — perfect for the night. This is also why submarines and dark rooms (photography) use red lights.

Edit: The monitor generally emits a grip more light than the keyboard, but when you have a black terminal open full screen or you turn the screen brightness all the way down, the keyboard will be distractingly bright. Alright fine, I admit it — after all the blue-light mods this past decade, I’m just a fan of the red back-light.



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