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Getting it down on `paper`

Less-Common Tools for Linux

As found here: 10 Tools to Add Some Spice to Your UNIX Shell Scripts. This is no substitute for the great write-up and screenshots that the author put together. It’s a summary for myself.

The highlights (and how I really feel about them):

  • notify-send (I never knew — better than tweat deck)
  • tput (eh, maybe)
  • setleds (i don’t have lock-key LEDs on my keyboard)
  • zenity (has potential)
  • kdialog (better than zenity? looks like VB functionality — good?)
  • dialog (like kdialog, but uses (n)curses, not kde)
  • logger (good to know!)
  • setterm (practical jokes… and maybe useful for modal/portal stuff)
  • smbclient (does that still work? Couldn’t get past authentication prompt)
  • bash sockets (interesting… ICP? wasteful)


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