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Getting it down on `paper`

Think and Grow Rich: Don’t read it, imagine what it would say.

After reading half of the book, I feel as though I have a good idea about where it’s headed, if anywhere at all. It feels scammy. Why? So many scammy self-help authors out there asserts Napoleon Hill’s advice as their own. It feels dirty, tainted, simpleton, and yet, there’s truth in there.

I have no desire to see this book through to its end. Having skimmed the table of contents, and having read the first few chapters, I feel fairly confident that I can imagine the advice to come in the remaining chapters.

Sometimes, it’s not the advice, but the story, that makes a book worth reading. I do fear that not seeing this book through, I’ll miss out on a little nugget that might actually be more valuable than the hour or so that I’ve spared myself by not reading this book to the very end.

It is for that reason that I’ve decided to not issue chapter-by-chapter updates from here on out. The time spent writing is wasteful, not to mention painful. It’s bad enough that I have yet to endure another hour of this trivial little book.

I may write a final summary, but don’t hold your breath. I’ve written enough.


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You know, maybe you should read it. It’s a short book. I’m just saying that it’s not worth the time to read AND make summary posts about it.

Go for it! what do you have to lose? A few hours and a couple bucks.


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