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Getting it down on `paper`

Installing JDK on RHEL5

I needed to install the JDK as a prerequisite for GeoServer.


  1. Download latest JDK (jdk-6u16-linux-i586-rpm.bin) from Sun.
    Note: navigating Sun’s website and using their download accelerator is a PAIN.
  2. chmod a+x jdk-6u16-linux-i586-rpm.bin
  3. sudo ./jdk-6u16-linux-i586-rpm.bin
  4. ls -l /usr/java
  5. Create file /etc/profile.d/
    1. sudo vi /etc/profile.d/
    2. cat /etc/profile.d/
      export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/latest
      export JRE_HOME=/usr/java/latest/jre
      export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$ANT_HOME/bin:$PATH


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