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Getting it down on `paper`

Moving Dokuwiki Name Spaces

The dokuwiki name space may become polluted with legacy junk if entire name spaces are moved or removed. There will be empty name spaces that you’d prefer to rid yourself of. I realize that moving name spaces is bad practice, but it happens. Follow along to see how to resolve dangling name spaces.

The Process

Below is the order in which one would rename an entire name space. For demonstration, we’ll use a real example: Renaming :configuration: to :notes:, the very notes that you’re reading right now.

  1. ssh into your wiki server
  2. cd /var/www/default/wiki/
  3. tar czf data-.tgz data
  4. cd data (pwd is /var/www/default/wiki/data)
  5. mv attic/configuration attic/notes (assuming notes doesn’t exist!!)
  6. mv meta/configuration meta/notes (again assuming notes doesn’t exist.)
  7. mv pages/configuration pages/notes (… again…)
  8. grep -r configuration pages/notes/* (to find anything that might be broken)
  9. foreach broken link: fix it. There’s a sed trick, but I don’t know it.
  10. cross your fingers
  11. visit your wiki website and enjoy.


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